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Welcome to
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Medium  $78
     Large  $78
 X-Large  $78
         2 X  $78
         3 X  $78


            Gearing                     Gearing Fram

                  4" Blue Patch     $7

                  4" Brown Patch $7

The USS William M. Wood
"Three Season Jacket"

No Tax  -  No Shipping Charges
No Handling Charges

The USS William M. Wood

with DD-715 Gearing
or Fram DD/DDR-715

     8½" x 11"
          Gearing  $3
Gearing Fram  $3


DD-715 $14
DDR-715 $14

The USS William M. Wood
"DD-715 Ball Cap"

Welcome to the Internet Home of the . . .
 USS William M. Wood DD/DDR-715
Commissioned: 24 November 1945      Decommissioned: 01 December 1976        ​​Dedicated to the Memory of a Fine Ship and her Shipmates

Medium  $45
     Large  $45
  X-Large  $45
          2 X  $45
          3 X  $45


- One Size Fits All -

The USS William M. Wood
"Ship Pictures"

Haze Gray and Under Way

"Willie Wood"

Ahoy mates,
   I'm Charlie Moores, the Ship's Storekeeper. I hope you find what you're looking for. And, I should note, I do not own the store or reap any profit from it.

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